Offset printing is the process of applying one of the four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) one at a time using printing press rollers. The colors are combined using nearly microscopic dots of the individual colors to combine to make the other colors of the rainbow.

Offset Printing is the best technology available for commercial and professional printing and Print Packaging in Ludhiana and everywhere else.

Although the printing mechanics of offset printing have been around for a hundred years, the technology has continued to develop and transform over the years. Print Master in North India  uses the most current offset printing technology to provide the best service to its customers.

We offer the highest quality printing for jobs large and small and offset allows us to fulfill high-volume orders with exact color replication, such as newsletters, brochures, posters, catalogs, annual reports, print packaging etc.



  • Full color(CMYK), Pantone or black and white prints on state-of-the-art machines.
  • A wide range of sizes .
  • Flexible print runs to meet your needs with affordable alternatives for bigger jobs.
  • Design and layout assistance.
  • Professional print finishing, digital printing ,  packing, and delivery.

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